What is economic development?


This course provides a practical overview that highlights economic development approaches and analytical methods. What is economic development? Are cities that engage in economic development programs doing so based on economic rationale or are these programs politically driven? Why do counties and cities engage in economic development planning? Do the programs even make sense? In planning the optimal, practical economic development program, how do you overcome politics to implement a solid program? How do you ensure that the incentives you may propose will result in the desired economic development behavior? Finally, given any economic development program, how do you evaluate it to fine-tune it and improve it in the future?

The early part of the course revolves around general theories of economic development and the origins of economic development policy, measurement, and assessment. Through a series of papers, this course enables students to either craft their own economic development program in relation to an existing need or improving on an existing economic development program. The outcome of this course is a well-crafted, well-documented economic development plan ranging from the history of the proposed approach to incentivizing, evaluating, and critiquing their proposed program.

For additional information, please contact Jesse Saginor, Ph.D., AICP: jsaginor@fau.edu