Virtual Desktop


The School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) is beta testing a cloud based virtual lab for students of select courses.  The goal is to provide students with the same software and network resources they have access to in SURP’s on-campus labs.

Courses with Virtual Lab Access:

URP 6425        Envr Analysis in Planning
URP 6873        Site Planning
URP 6930        Land Use & Trans Plan
URP 4920        Planning Design Studio
URP 6979        Planning Project
URP 6545        Urban Revitalization Strategy
URP 6930        Regional and Scenario Planning
URP 6945        Planning Internship
URP 4254        Intro Visual Plan Technology
URP 4870        Site Planning
ARC 3374        Site Plan and Engineering

Instructions on Access the Virtual Lab

  1. Students must first download and install a small software client. Clients are available for both Mac and PC.
    * Note you must have administrative rights on the computer to install.

    Click here to enroll and download client:

  2. 2. Enter your FAU email address

  3. Verify your email received from:

  4. Enter Basic Contact Information
    * Note this is not a FAU Single Sign On and you will need to remember your password.

  5. Login to Launch Client and access a desktop in the virtual lab

  6. Click on the “FAU Graphics OAL” to launch the desktop

  7. The Client launches, and your desktop will load

  8. You will be logged into your desktop

Once you’ve installed the client you can access the virtual lab simply by clicking the link below

Click here to access the SURP virtual lab: