Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Curriculum

The main focus of the Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning curriculum is to prepare students for a broad spectrum of careers in public and private sectors. Planning as a discipline is interdisciplinary in nature. With the option to take electives from a variety of different departments and schools, the program curriculum has an interdisciplinary approach. The core courses are offered in the department. There are three types of core courses: lectures, studio/lab, and participation in professional seminars. All students in the Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning program must complete a minimum of 120 credits, including the following:

  1. Satisfaction of all University requirements for baccalaureate degrees;
  2. The last 30 upper division credits (3000/4000-level courses) must be earned in residence at FAU;
  3. At least 39 credits of Planning Core courses;
  4. At least 6 credits of Upper Division Approved Elective courses;
  5. At least 15 credits of Free Elective courses;
  6. An Internship (as part of the Planning Core) of 3 credits; and
  7. A minimum grade of “C” is required for each URP- prefixed course. If a grade below “C,” such as “C-,” is earned in a URP-required course, the course will not count toward any portion of the 120-credit program.

The course materials taught in the core courses build upon each other. Therefore, students are highly recommended to follow the term schedules identified below. Following the term schedule is also very important in order to ensure the timely graduation of the students. No course substitutions are allowed for core courses. For further questions about classes and scheduling you can contact John Renne (Undergraduate Program Coordinator) and Todd Hendrick (Academic Program Advisor).

Core Courses (39 credits)
URP 3000Planning and Growth Management3Fall 1
URP 4011Planning Methods3Fall 1
URP 4055City Structure and Change3Fall 1
URP 4730Capital Facilities Planning3Spring 1
URP 4343Plan Making and Design3Spring 1
PAD 4223Public Budgeting and Finance3Spring 1
URP 4920Planning Design Studio3Fall 2
URP 4870Site Planning3Fall 2
URP 4403Sustainable Cities3Fall 2
URP 4120Planning Implementation Strategies3Spring 2
URP 4979Planning Project3Spring 2
URP 4945Planning Internship3Spring 2
URP 4254Introduction to Visual Planning Technologies3Any semester
Elective Courses (6 credits):
URP 4420Environmental Planning Methods3
URP 4546Urban Development Planning Methods3
PAD 4806State and Local Government Administration3
PAD 4604Administrative Process and Ethics3
PAD 4332Managing for Excellence in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors3
PAD 3003Public Management and Administration3
POS 3691Law and American Society3
PUP 4623Politics of Community Development3
REE 3043Principles of Real Estate3
PHI 3640Environmental Ethics3
AMH 3630American Environmental History3
CCJ 3126Community Service Systems3
ECP 4302Environmental Economics3
HIS 4086Historic Preservation3
GLY 3730Coastal and Marine Sciences3
ECO 4504Economics of the Public Sector3
SYD 4602The Urban Community3
EVR 3019Environmental Issues in Atmospheric and Earth Science3
GEO 4542Tourism & Commercial Recreation3
GEO 4131CRemote Sensing of Environment3
GEO 3040CMap Analysis and Design3
Free Elective Courses (15 Credits):
Free electives are taken in the College of Urban and Public Affairs, College of Liberal Arts, and/or other FAU Colleges. Students are advised to consider additional courses listed under "distributed electives," although other choices are permitted.
Work Experience (3 Credits):
Students must complete at least 160 actual hours of practice in a local planning agency or planning-related organization. Credit for this course is obtained under the core course, URP 4945/6945 Planning Internship.

For course planning purposes, please see the three-year preliminary schedule available here.

For any questions regarding the Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning degree program, please contact Dr. John Renne (Faculty Advisor) at

For questions about advising, please contact the College Advising Center at 561-297-2316. To make an appointment with your advisor, please log on to the Success Network/Starfish.