Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

About Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and Regional Planning is a professional program that provides students with the knowledge base and analytical and design skills to address issues that affect the quality of life in neighborhoods, suburbs, cities, and regions. The curriculum consists of planning lecture courses, design courses, and professional practice courses that give students real-world planning experience. Students select courses from a wide variety of distributed electives that allow them to focus on topics of particular interest. Graduates of the program qualify for positions in a variety of public and private organizations, including local and state planning departments, nonprofit organizations, and private sector planning and development firms.

About the Degree

The Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning degree is designed for students who are interested in planning and community development at the local, state, and national levels. The degree is the only professional Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning offered by the State University System of Florida. A variety of courses are offered by faculty in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, the School of Architecture and the School of Public Administration.

Accelerated Graduate Program

Are you interested in completing a master’s degree after your bachelor’s degree? FAU offers an accelerated Master of Urban and Regional Planning program that gives advanced standing to qualified students who take graduate courses during their undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Urban Design, or Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning programs. For more information see MURP Advanced Standing Programs and the Graduate College’s Pathways to Graduate Education.

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