Mission, Strategic Planning, and Accreditation

The School of Urban and Regional Planning is a locus of scholars, teachers, practitioners, agents and students committed to the continuous improvement of urban regions and the planning enterprise through research, teaching and service.

The School provides an environment to discuss, develop and disseminate new ideas and concepts, and contribute to the practice of planning directed towards a future that is environmentally, economically and humanly beneficial. The focus of our work relies on the recognition and use of multi-scalar connections and interactions of systems and planning activities. We encourage involvement in a range of governance activities including policy framework development, participatory decision-making and community stewardship. The School seeks to exploit the potential of emerging technologies and collaborative engagement in creative and innovative ways.

Current initiatives range from: global urban networks, climate change, metropolitan form, disaster management, place making, healthy cities, and housing market issues. Our strategic plan previous provides more details about our vision, mission, and goals and objectives.


We aspire to cultivate future leaders and be an innovator in the creation, design, and implementation of solutions to the urban, environmental, and economic challenges of the 21st century.


The School of Urban and Regional Planning is committed to conducting the education, research, training,
and community engagement needed to prepare planning professionals to address the urban, environmental, and economic challenges of the 21st century. This includes a focus on three specific areas:

  1. Creating vibrant, livable, healthy, and equitable communities;
  2. Ensuring that our communities and ecosystems are sustainable and resilient; and
  3. Developing interdisciplinary solutions, bridging the public and private sectors, that are able to overcome the policy, fiscal, and regulatory barriers to sustainable, economically-viable development.

Strategic Planning

The School of Urban and Regional Planning engages in strategic planning process that involves faculty, staff, students, employers, alumni, and American Planning Association section representatives. The plan is updated annually at a retreat held during the Fall semester.

LEARN MORE HERE: SURP Strategic Plan 2017 (PDF)

PREVIOUS PLAN: Strategic Plan 2016 (PDF)

MURP Accreditation

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning program is separately accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. The PAB’s site visit team visited the School January 28-31, 2018, to review the program for reaccreditation purposes. The outcome of the review will be determined at the PAB’s meeting in October.