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School of Social Work

The Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University is located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. Watch the video below to see what sets us apart – from our ethnically and culturally-diverse student population, small class sizes, strong student-professor relationships, a completely face-to-face curriculum, countless community-based research opportunities, and so much more.



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“Here’s to the Healers”: Reflections from Former Delray Beach Mayor

Former Mayor of Delray Beach, FL, Jeff Perlman, recently reflected on his experience attending the Spring 2018 Induction Ceremony for the FAU Phyllis & Harvey Sandler School of Social Work in an article for

He titled the article “Here’s to the Healers”, and we invite you to read an excerpt below:


“… I was especially struck by the pictures of the graduates flashed across screens with their career intentions below their smiling faces.

They were going to devote their lives to child welfare, abuse, adoption, addiction, victim’s rights, mental health, education—social work. Is there anything more valuable than the healing of society?

And I found myself growing emotional as I saw their faces and listened to the speakers who are really the best that our society has to offer.

They care. They love. They are passionate, committed and dedicated to working with those who need help, nurturing and healing.

The specter of Parkland hung heavy in the room. It’s fresh. It’s local.

We live in a violent and volatile society, but while that level of mental illness is at the top end of what can and does go wrong all too often these days, it’s also the day to day issues that calls for an army of healers.

And I thought, who tends to the families of the two young Delray Beach men who were killed in separate scooter and dirt bike accidents in the past two weeks? Who is there to help the children left alone after a murder suicide recently in our community? The tragedies—some publicized, many hidden—are an everyday occurrence in every community in America.

And it’s not just tragedies, accidents, violence, crime, abuse, addiction etc., that afflicts us—it’s how we relate to each other as people. The vitriol on social media, cable TV, in Congress, across borders, religions, political persuasions and on and on that erodes our social fabric and compels us to wonder where the healers are.

And I thought, here they are.

Here are the people who will make a difference in our world. They won’t get rich doing so, at least in the conventional sense, but they will surely enrich our world.

As Dr. Michelle Hawkins, Vice Provost of FAU reminded the MSW graduates: we have to teach the world to be kinder. We don’t have to be mean spirited, we can be kind-spirited.



Read the full article here

Chair Yoga Found to Significantly Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain

Dr. Juyoung Park

“Who knew a chair could be a pain killer?” That’s what the news reporter for this segment said after hearing the positive effects chair yoga can have on patients with osteoarthritis.

It’s all part of the latest research study conducted by Dr. Juyoung Park, Associate Professor in the Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work at FAU.

One patient not only significantly reduced her pain, but also her blood pressure and was able to come off three medications for hypertension.

Watch the full news segment here and see why 80 percent of patients experienced decreased pain with regular chair yoga sessions.

Broward Faculty Member of the Year

Cindy Sterne, Adjunct Instructor in the School of Social Work, was recently recognized as the Broward “Faculty Member of the Year” during the Broward Achievement Awards Luncheon hosted by Student Affairs and Broward Campus Administration.

“I truly could not be more grateful for receiving this entirely unexpected and most wonderful award,” Sterne said. “Being given the opportunity to teach for my beloved Alma Mater is really one of those ‘beyond my wildest dreams’ experiences.”

“To have a positive impact on the next generation of social workers is one of the most important ways we can serve our profession and our community. Being able to share my passion with others, to help students realize how important and valuable they are and our work is – well, it just doesn’t get much better than that.”

Congratulations, Cindy!

Meet our Student of the Year

Congratulations to Kimberley Small, winner of the Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work Student of the Year Award!

“Kimberley is a powerhouse,” said Joy McClellan, MSW Program Coordinator and Instructor at the School.

“She earned a bachelor’s degree in social work as well as neuroscience, was awarded advanced standing admission to the MSW program, and was awarded one of our highly competitive Provost Fellowships, enabling her to engage in research with the Comprehensive Center for Brain Health here on campus. That’s all in addition to working with the Social Work Honor’s Society, Phi Alpha, to provide a job fair and a leadership seminar for her fellow classmates,” McClellan continued.

After being nominated by Dr. David Landsman-Wohlsifer, one of her instructors, Kimberley was also just named a Diversity Scholar by the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) and will be attending their annual conference this year in Austin, Texas, where she will join a cohort of other Diversity Scholars from around the world and enjoy opportunities for mentorship, career advice, and additional training.

According to Sara Dochterman, program coordinator for the School’s Professional Development division and School Instructor, Kimberley’s name appears with virtually every student-led project.

“Persistent and dedicated, Kimberley lives the values and ethics of social work,” Dochterman said. “In the classroom, she shines as one who strives to master the information and skills offered, and stands for her classmates to do the same. She is a powerful force ready to make a difference!”

Look out, world – Kimberley has a promising career ahead, and we look forward to watching it unfold.