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For its inaugural community event, the Robin Rubin Center for Happiness & Life Enhancement invited the founders of Womaze to share their tips for thriving through the holiday season. Womaze is a mobile app designed to counteract the often negative effects of social media and to provide practical tools for navigating life. (L-R) Becca Wiser and Leah Wiser, co-founders of Womaze; Robin Rubin, Dr. Heather Thompson, Sara Dochterman; Corin and Hannah Wiser, co-founders of Womaze.

The Robin Rubin Center for Happiness and Life Enhancement is part of the Phyllis & Harvey Sandler School of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University.  The Center is a dream come true for Robin Rubin. She earned both her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) degrees from FAU and began teaching in the Phyllis & Harvey Sandler School of Social Work in 2010 as a field faculty member and seminar instructor. However, her passion is to teach people how to live their best life.

As she helped students in the social work program learn about mental illness, Robin soon realized that it was critical that they also learn about mental and holistic wellness. After all, to help their clients, social workers need to learn the skills and tools to be happy.

That’s when Robin decided to earn a certificate in applied positive psychology. Then in 2015, she approached the School Director at the time, Dr. Michele Hawkins, and shared her idea of teaching a course in well-being.  Dr. Hawkins was completely supportive of the idea, so Robin got right to work building the syllabi for her new course. Social Work and Positive Well Being is now being taught every semester and has a full student roster in every class.

The Robin Rubin Center for Happiness and Life Enhancement was established to broaden the reach of Robin’s initial goal – to teach the skills and tools of happiness and, more importantly, how to put them into practice. It is a space where students, faculty, staff and community members can enhance and improve their well-being while fostering a culture of authentic connection.

Robin Rubin, MSW

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