Doctor of Social Work – Course of Study


2016 (this course of study is tentative and subject to change)

YearFall SemesterSpring SemesterSummer Semester
  1. Theories & Epistemology of Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice (3 cr.) Core Course

  2. Clinical Social Work Research & Statistics I (4 cr.) (an overview of qualitative methods, single and small case designs, & meta-analysis) Research

  1. Social Work Pedagogy (3 cr.) Core Course

  2. Evaluating and Interpreting Social Work Research (4 cr.) Research

  1. Evidence-based Informed Practices with Individuals & Implementing Evidence- Based Informed Practices with Individuals (3 cr.) Clinical Practice

  2. Capstone I (Developing a clinical research proposal, IRB) (3 cr.) Capstone Project

  1. Evidence-based Informed Practices with Families & Couples & Implementing Evidence-based Informed Practices with Families and Couples (3 cr.) Clinical Practice

  2. Advanced Psychopathology in Social Work Practice (3 cr.) Clinical Practice

  1. Evidence-based Informed Practices with Groups & Implementing Evidence -based Informed Practices with Groups (3 cr.) Clinical Practice

  2. Capstone II (3 Credits) Capstone Project

  1. 11. Clinical Social Work Supervision, Management & Administration (3 cr.) Clinical Practice

  2. 12. Clinical Practice Integration Seminar (3 cr.) (Comprehensive Exams are a component of this course) Clinical Practice

  1. Advanced Clinical Seminar (TBD*example: Social Work & Trauma) (3 cr.)

  2. Exploring current developments in SW Research Seminar (3 cr.) Research & Capstone Project

  1. Advanced Clinical Seminar (TBD*example: Module I- Diversity Practice 50%; Module II-Spirituality and Social Work 50%) (3 cr.) *

  2. Capstone III (Implementing a clinical research proposal) (3 cr.) Capstone Project

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