Child Welfare Agencies

Child Net

As the local Community-Based Care (CBC) lead agency for Broward and Palm Beach Counties, ChildNet manages a network of child welfare services that provide foster care, adoption and family preservation services for the more than 3,600 children in care and their caregivers.

ChildNet manages this comprehensive system of care through partnerships, subcontracts, and service agreements with local service providers. In Broward County, ChildNet has 46 contracts with 24 local agencies and in Palm Beach County, 40 contracts with 14 agencies.

Contracted Agencies

Camelot Community Care

Camelot staff provide comprehensive assessments to ChildNet workers for the purposes of determining what services are needed or to help identify the appropriate focus of treatment. Upon completion of the assessment, clients may be referred to a Camelot program or to another appropriate provider to complete ongoing treatment.

Community Partners

Community Partners is an agency that houses the Housing Partnership, Inc. and Parent Child Center, Inc. Community Partners offers an array of services, including housing assistance, community mental health, as well as child and family clinical services. A significant portion of the clientele is involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice system.

Kids in Distress

Kids In Distress (KID) aims to prevent child abuse, preserve the family, and treat children who have been abused and neglected. Kids in Distress the largest provider of foster homes in both Broward and Palm Beach counties, many of which become adoptive homes for children who cannot be reunified with their biological families. They operate an emergency shelter for children ages birth to 15 years of age, and a family counseling center. They offer in-home, family strengthening programs that care for and educate pregnant women and new mothers, programs that assist families with issues of domestic violence, substance abuse, and extreme economic stress, and provide food, dental, housing, legal and employment assistance.