Bachelor of Social Work – Advising Guidelines

Bachelor of Social Work

The following advising guidelines and practices are currently in use by CDSI student services specific to the Social Work Degree program. Also to be considered are FAU guidelines for admissions and graduation as listed in the current catalog.

A. Admissions Requirements

  1. There are no special admissions criteria for the BSW beyond those of FAU for transfer or four-year students. Students beginning their freshman program (students with fewer than 30 College or University credit hours) at FAU must follow the FAU “Native Student” guidelines in the catalog. Students admitted with 30 or more hours must follow the FAU catalog guidelines for transfer students.
  2. Students transferring into the BSW from other FAU majors must have a FAU GPA of 2.0 or greater.
  3. CLAST must be satisfied either by exemption or by completing the CLAST Exam early in the Junior year. See the catalog for details on CLAST.
  4. There is no special foreign language requirement for the BSW. However, all FAU graduates must satisfy the FAU Foreign Language Admissions requirement of 2 years of High School OR the second level of College language such as SPN 1121 OR demonstrate equivalent ability. See admissions requirement for Language in Catalog.
  5. Gordon Rule requirements: refer to FAU catalog.

B. Prerequisite Course Work

  1. Students are required to satisfy prerequisite coursework either prior to or during the BSW program. Students may choose to “dual enroll” at Community College to finish these requirements while attending FAU. Guidelines for the prerequisites are as follows:
    • American National Government: This requirement may be satisfied with an introductory Political Science course such as POS1041, POS 2041, POS1001 or POS2112.
    • Economics: This requirement may be satisfied with an introductory course in Macro or Micro Economics such as ECO2013 or ECO2023.
    • Biology: This requirement may be satisfied with an introductory class in Biology. The recommended class is Life Science, BSC1000 or BSC1005. BSC2085, Anatomy and Physiology, is acceptable, as well as a Human Biology course.
    • General Psychology: This requirement is satisfied with an introductory class in Psychology. At FAU, the course is PSY1012.
    • Intro to Sociology: This requirement is satisfied with an introductory class in Sociology. At FAU, the course is SYG1000.
  2. Prerequisite courses can be taken at a Community College or FAU while pursuing the BSW at FAU. Students currently enrolled at FAU must complete a Transient Student/Dual Enrollment form (available from the advising office) if they plan to take classes at the Community College. Students should be reminded to check with their financial aid and work reimbursement rules before enrolling at the Community College. Taking lower-division coursework at the Community College does not violate the “30 hour rule.” (This rule is only applicable to upper division course work)

C. Required Social Work Core Coursework

  1. The Social Work Manual advises the following semester schedule for Social Work courses: (However, it is best that the student speak to a faculty advisor about specific courses and the order in which to take them.)
    1st Semester
    SOW 3302 Profession of Social Work
    SOW 4101 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
    2nd Semester
    SOW 3232 Social Welfare Policy and Provisions
    3rd Semester
    SOW 4313 Social Work Practice II
    4th Semester
    SOW 4343 Social Work Practice III
    Social Work Elective
    Final Semester
    SOW 4510 Field Education in Social Work
    • Students must also complete 15 hours of Free Electives with a maximum of 6 hours at the 1000 level.
  2. Students must complete each SOW prefixed course with a grade of “C” or better. A grade of “C-” will not be counted as credit toward the Social Work degree. Any core course with a grade of “C-” or lower must be retaken.
  3. All degree requirements must be completed before a student is eligible for SOW4510 Field Education in Social Work. This means that the student must have completed CLAST, the Foreign Language Admission requirement, Gordon Rule requirements, all General Education requirements, as well as all Social Work courses. The student must also have a FAU GPA of 2.5 in order to enter Field Education. A satisfactory grade in Field Education is required to receive the Social Work degree.
  4. Statistics, STA 2023, is not a prerequisite course, but is required for graduation.

D. Approved Elective Coursework

  1. Students are advised to select approved elective course work from the pre-approved set of electives listed in the Social Work Manual. Any SOW course that is not counted as part of the SOW Core or SOW Elective sections may count as approved elective credit with a grade of “C” or better. Any deviation from the courses requires approval.
  2. Students who have met the College Admissions criteria and SOW prerequisites transferring from another degree program into the SOW with upper division credits may transfer up to 21 credit hours of 3000 and 4000 level credits, 6 credits of these hours must be pre-approved. This provision ensures that every SOW graduate will have obtained a minimum of 39 credit hours of either SOW prefixed or faculty pre-approved elective course work.

E. Free Elective Course work

  1. This section is satisfied with 1000-4000 level College or University course work not previously counted as credit toward the 120 hour SOW degree. There is a maximum of two 1000 level courses which can be taken in the last 60 hours.
  2. Free electives may be used to fulfill FAU Admissions, Foreign Language, Gordon Rule, General Education, and/or SOW pre-requisite deficiencies.

F. SOW Field Experience

  1. All SOW majors must satisfy the Field Education requirement, SOW 4510. Students must meet certain requirements to be eligible to enroll in Field Education. Students must complete all admission, general education, Gordon Rule, and CLAST requirements prior to eligibility. Field Education may only be taken at the end of the student’s coursework.
  2. Students should consult with an academic coordinator or the Director of Field Education Programs to discuss eligibility for entrance to Field Education. Students must attend an orientation session regarding Field Education and complete appropriate paperwork.

G. Students Transferring with Upper Division Credits

  1. Students may transfer up to 21 hours of upper division elective credits into the approved elective section and free elective section. However, 6 hours must come from a pre-approved list of electives.
  2. Students who have completed SOW credits at another institution may bring these credits into their program at the discretion of the SOW faculty. FAU requires that the last 30 credit hours of upper division be completed at FAU to receive a degree from FAU.

H. Double Major and Dual Degree

  1. Students pursuing a double major must satisfy the SOW prerequisites, 39 hours of SOW course work, 6 hours of pre-approved elective course work, and 15 hours of\ free electives. A faculty advisor must approve courses that are not related to the field of SOW and are not pre-approved to count as electives. Students must also submit a Double Major form to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Students pursuing a Dual or Second Bachelor degree must meet the University requirement of an additional 30 hours beyond a 120 hour degree program. For a Second Bachelor in SOW, the student must satisfy the program prerequisites, 39 hours of SOW course work, and 6 hours of pre-approved electives. During the first week of the last semester of the program, students are required to submit an application for graduation, which notifies FAU of your intent to graduate and begins the process of degree approval. It also enables the graduate to receive commencement ticket information.

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