Director’s Welcome

Social work is a major component of America’s health, mental health, and social services. Social workers combat many of America’s greatest social problems, in addictions, child welfare, disaster relief, gerontology, health, labor readiness training, mental health, the military, prisons, schools, seniors’ clinics, veterans’ affairs, and other areas of human distress. The country’s 650,000 social workers are the mainstay of emergency, psychotherapeutic, and preventative services in public, private, and voluntary sector organizations. Indeed, there are more clinically trained social workers in our country than there are psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses, combined. The Department of Labor describes social work as one of the country’s fastest growing disciplines, with an anticipated 25% increase of personnel this decade. The state of Florida is among the country’s greatest sources of demand for social work graduates.

Since 1970, Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) School of Social Work has provided well-regarded, highly sought academic degrees. Students are attracted to our programs because of the ethical, practice-relevant, rigor with which our graduates are prepared for employment. In 2014, there were more FAU Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) graduates than any other university in the state. The Master of Social Work (MSW) program, inaugurated in 2000, will have produced its 1000th graduate in 2016; and the MSW in 2014-15 was FAU’s third largest graduate degree cohort. Our BSW and MSW graduates are nationally renowned for the depth of their clinical expertise, and are in great demand as senior practitioners, and health, mental health, and human service leaders. Our program enjoys national recognition in other ways. In 2015, for example, the FAU School of Social Work was ranked fifth nationally by in its assessment of 7500 students of social work nation-wide under the category of for “Value”, defined as: How satisfied are you with your graduate program? Did you make the right choice? Would you choose this program again?

The School of Social Work has 696 BSW students and 291 at the MSW level in 2015-16. We employ 21 faculty; 28 adjunct instructors; and have 802 active field education instructors across 229 agency settings in six Florida counties. All are deeply committed to graduating the high quality professionals for which we have become nationally prominent. In addition, our research faculty produce cutting edge scholarship that is brought back into the classroom and which transforms professional practice, continuously seeking the most cost effective, ethical, and humane means of addressing some of the most significant social problems our society confronts.

We look forward to your association with our School as a student, alumni, community partner – or all three. The most important decision our School makes is to admit excellent students, and the most important activities leads to the graduation of excellent students. We would like YOU to be a part of our future. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to call, write or stop by for a visit.

Naelys Luna, MSW Ph.D.

Naelys Luna