Ph.D. Dissertations


Completed Dissertations

Student NameCompletion Date (Committee Chair)Title
FENNIMORE, ANNE F.Summer 2018 (Sementelli)Rethinking Public Service Motivation: The Role of Communal Narcissism
JAMESON, JORENE Fall 2017 (Nyhan)Charter School Closures in Florida, 2006-2016: A Population Ecology Perspective
ANGERVIL, GILVERTSpring 2017 (Thai)Administrative Discretion in Public Policy Implementation: The Case of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
BEALS, STACEY L. Fall 2016 (Sapat)Moving Towards Fairness and Diversity? An Analysis of the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Employees Perceptions
PIERRE, JEAN M. Fall 2016 (Sapat)Determinants of Aid Effectiveness in Agriculture: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Haiti
STEINFIELD, JOSHUAFall 2016 (McCue) Task Specialization in the Public Administration Profession: A Job Analysis of Public Procurement Practitioners
HEILMAN, JOESPH C.Fall 2016 (Sementelli)Professional Public Administration: A Synthesis of an Inchoate Concept
FORD, LORI ALLENFall 2016 (McCue)Florida University Faculty Compensation – Market Competitive or Not?
D'ANGELO III, SALVATORE A.Summer 2016 (Thai)An Inquiry into Fire Service Consolidation and the Economies of Scale Debate: The Centralization versus Decentralization Argument
MAI, TAMSummer 2016 (Sementelli)Human Trafficking as a Brand within the Framework of Human Rights: Case Studies in the U.S.
EVANS, MICHELLEFall 2015 (Patterson)Does Public Service Ethics Education Include Gender Equity? An Exploration of Gender Inclusion in MPA Ethics Syllabi
TINSLEY, STEVENFall 2015 (Patterson)Jobs Created? Economic Development as Language Games
SLAGLE, DEREKFall 2015 (Miller)The Significance for, and Impact upon, Public Administration of the Corresponding Theory of Truth or Veridicality
WILSON, DARRINSummer 2015 (McCue)Local Government Decisions in a Time of Economic Decline: A Study of County Government Budget Policy During the Great Recession
DIGGS, SCHNEQUA N.Summer 2015 (Thai)An Empirical Analysis of Factors Influencing Organizational Cultural Competence within Emergency Medical Services Systems
O'BRIEN, MARIANA G.Summer 2015 (Miller)Epistemology and Networked Governance: An Actor-Network Account
BLACK, DAVID B.Summer 2015 (Sapat)School Choice and Florida's McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities: An Analysis of Parental Satisfaction
VIENNE, DENISESummer 2014 (Nyhan)Reframing Our Understanding of Nonprofit Regulation Through the Use of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework
WILLIAMS, ADAMSummer 2014 (Miller)Public-Private Partnerships and Questions in Public Procurement
BYARUHANGA, VINCENTSpring 2014 (Thai)The Impact and Effectiveness of Capital Investments in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: An Assessment Using Keynes Economic Theory
GILLESPIE, AMANDASpring 2014 (Miller)Testing the Theory of Dominant Institutionalized Policy Narratives Using Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Discourse
BRIGHT, MARCUSSpring 2014 (Miller)An Inquiry into Scott's Institutional Theory: The Relationship Between Sports and Academics in Urban Public High Schools
ROMAN, ALEXANDRUSummer 2013 (McCue)An Empirical Analysis of the Roles Assumed by Public Administrators: The Case of Public Procurement Specialists
ALZAHRANI, MOHAMMEDSpring 2013 (Miller)A Comparative Study of the Relationships Between Conflict Management Styles and Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Propensity to Leave the Job Among Saudi and American Universities' Faculty Members
HUMMEL, DANIELSpring 2013 (Thai/Leip)Right-Sizing Cities: Strategies and Fiscal Health
STEVENS, JEFFFall 2012 (Miller)The Frames and Ideographs of Water Reuse Policy Discourses: An Application of Narrative Analysis and Text Analytics
ALBASSAM, BASSAMFall 2012 (McCue)The Influence of the Global Economic Crisis on the Relationship Between Governance and Economic Growth
LARSON, ROBINSummer 2012 (Leip)Gendered Images of Expertise, Leadership and Virtue: Applying Stivers' Theoretical Framework to Police Practices as Represented in Publications from 1979 to 2009
ATKINSON, CHRISTOPHERSummer 2011 (Sapat)Local Government Response to Hurricane Disasters: Impacts on Small Business
GHUMAN, UMARSummer 2011 (Sementelli)Providing a Theoretical and Empirical Basis for Understanding the Antecedents and Consequences of Group Emotional Intelligence (GEI) in Order to Formulate a Model of GEI and Predict Its Effects on Group and Organizational Behavior in the Public Sector
PEREZ, ENRIQUESummer 2011 (Thai)How Do Home and Community-Based Service Waivers Change Public Long-Term Care: A Network Perspective
CARAVELLA, KRISTISpring 2011 (Miller)Mimetic, Coercive, and Normative Influences in Institutionalization of Organizational Practices: The Case of Distance Learning in Higher Education
CLEARE, THOMASSpring 2011 (McCue)An Analysis of Accountability in Public-Private Health Care Programs Serving Vulnerable Populations
LU, YAOTAISpring 2011 (Thai)Public Asset Management: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. States
KEELER, REBECCA L.Spring 2010 (Nyhan)Democratic Accountability for Outsourced Government Services
MARTINEZ, JOCILYNSpring 2010 (Sapat)The Social Construction of Breast and Prostate Cancer Policy
ZAVATTARO, STACISpring 2010 (Sementelli)A Baudrillardian Examination of Municipalities as Public Relations and Marketing Firms
AGBODZAKEY, JAMES K.Fall 2009 (Thai)Collaborative Governance and the Implementation of the Ryhan White Care Act: A Case Study of HIV Health Services Planning Councils in Two South Florida Counties
HOLLAR, THEODORE L.Fall 2008 (Sementelli)The Sisyphusian Predicament: Existentialism and a Grounded Theory Analysis of the Experience and Practice of Public Administration (2009 NASPAA Award)
DONOHUE, JOHNSpring 2008 (Patterson)Rhetoric of Federal Mission Statements: Power, Values, and Audience
PRESSLEY, CINDYSpring 2008 (Patterson)Utopian Thought Experiments and the Potential for a New Strategy of Inquiry in Public Administration
SCHROUDER, SANDRASpring 2008 (Leip)Bureaucratic Discretion in Policy Implementation: The Case of Adjudicating Juveniles as Adults in Florida
CHARY, MEENASummer 2007 (Patterson)Policy of Abuse: A Framework of Public Policy Dimensions Analyzing Systematic Sexual Violence in Bosnia
TAYLOR, LESLIESummer 2007 (Thai/Sapat)Stakeholders Advocacy Coalitions and the Policy Process: Policy Change Everglades Restoration
CHOI, SANGHANSummer 2006 (Patterson)A Conceptual Model of the Emergence of Shared Leadership: The Effects of Organizational Structure, Culture, and Context Variables on Public Employee Perceptions of Leadership
STANISEVSKI, DRAGANSummer 2006 (Miller)Multicultural Discourse: A Comparative Case Study of Government Practices in Facilitation of Multicultural Public Discourse in South Florida
ISLAM, MD. RAFIQULSpring 2006 (Farazmand)Privatization as an Administrative Reform: The Case of Bangladesh
MCGINN, KATHLEEN A.Spring 2006 (Miller)Foucault's Techniques of Power in Street Level Organizations
DEMIR, TANSUFall 2005 (Miller)Neutral Competence, Political Guidance, and Administrative Autonomy in Implementation: An Empirical Test of the Politics-Administration Dichotomy
O'FLANNERY, JENNIFERSpring 2005 (Farazmand)Examining the Governance and Administration of Public Higher Education in Florida: An Exploratory Study of Organizational Elite
DELANEY, KIMBERLYFall 2004 (Miller)Pursuit of Agency Profits: An Evaluation of Community Redevelopment Agencies in Florida
LYES-MACLACHLAN, SHARIFall 2004 (Leip/Nyhan)Does Evaluation Make a Difference? The Effect of Evaluation on Remedial Education in Florida's Community Colleges
YACINTHE, NATACHAFall 2004 (Kolo/Washington)An Assessment of the Organizational Effectiveness of Faith-Based and Secular Community Development Corporations in the Provision of Economic Development and Other Services
DICICCO, JOEL M.Summer 2003 (Thai)A New Macro Methodology for Determining the Magnitude of the Corporate Tax Shelter Problem
GIANCOLI, DONALDSummer 2003 (Thai)Performance Measurement Using Trained Observer Ratings: The Effect of Environmental Variables on Comparative Measures in Local Government
EASTEP, MARY ANNSummer 2003 (Leip)A Comparison of Formal and Informal Systems of Victim Participation in the Justice Systems of Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad/Tobago
CARROL, JOHNSpring 2003 (Ben-Zadok)A Comparison of Regulatory and Distributive Police Programs for Crime Reduction: An Evaluation of Effectiveness and Efficiency
BERESFORD, ANNETTEFall 2002 (Miller)Technologies of Language and Money: A Study of Stock Manipulation and Internet Communication
ALEIDAN, MOHAMEDSpring 2002 (Thai/Nyhan)Women in the Workforce in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Study
HALL, DOUGLASFall 2001 (Washington)An Investigation of the Availability, Distribution, and Usability of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of United States Cities
JAJA, CHEEDYFall 2001 (Miller)Outlining a Theory about the Practical Use of Theory: A Discourse-Practice Theoretic Analysis of Academic Public Administration Symposia Genre
DO ESPIRITO SANTO, SOFIASummer 2001 (Washington)Examining Performance Variables of Non-Governmental Organizations
CHANG, YANRUSpring 2001 (Washington)Analysis of Government Strategies to Achieve Industrial Competitiveness: A Comparative Case Study of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China
HANBURY, GEORGESpring 2001 (Washington)The Function of Leadership Styles and Personality Types Among City Managers: An Analysis of "Fit" and Tenure
MOELLER, BRUCE J.Spring 2001 (Nyhan/Clare)Measuring Performance in the Public Sector: An Examination of Benchmarking Paramedic Response Time
PINKOWSKI, JACKSpring 2001 (Farazmand)The Impact of Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) on Sales Tax Revenue
O?BRIEN, SANDRASummer 2000 (Washington)Practice to Policy to Management: A Restorative Framework
ALMUTAIRI, YOUSEF M.Summer 2000 (Thai)Enforcing Budgetary and Legal Compliance in the Government Sector: An Assessment of Preauditing in the State of Kuwait
ALKADRY, MOHAMADSpring 2000 (Miller)If Citizens Talk Back, Do Administrators Listen? A Structural Equation Model of Administrative Responsiveness to Citizens
ANGELETTI, MICHELLESummer 1999 (Thai)Physician's Perceptions of Managed Care
FERRANDO, MARY BETHSpring 1999 (Clare)Hospital Closures in Florida Between 1965 and 1995: A Population Ecology Approach
PENSKA, KENNETHSpring 1999 (Thai)Defense Acquisition and Self-Governed Compliance Programs: An Evaluation of the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct
KIM, YONG-MIFall 1998 (Thai)Information Systems Management and Outsourcing: A Study of American City Governments
SENJO, SCOTTSummer 1998 (Leip)Assessing Organizational Effectiveness: Drug Court Process and Their Interaction on Program Outcomes
FELDHEIM, MARY ANNESummer 1998 (Thai)Managed Competition in Florida: An Exploratory of Implementation Study
MEYER-EMERICK, NANCYSummer 1998 (Ben-Zadok)Policymaking on Violence Against Women in the United States: A Multi-Theoretical Perspective on the Terrorization of Women
QIAO, YUHUASpring 1998 (Thai)Interstate Fiscal Disparities Among American States: An Empirical Study
AL-ALI, FAHADFall 1997 (Clare)Nationalizing the Work Force of Saudi Arabia: The Role of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Training Programs in the Private Sector
LIBERTI, RAYMONDFall 1997 (Mendell)Florida Local Government Compliance with Transportation Concurrency
MURPHY, CELESTESummer 1997 (Leip)An Epirical Study of Farm Workers in South Florida: Environmental Injustice in the Fields?
ANDERSON, TERRYSpring 1997 (Ben-Zadok)The Effects of Socioeconomic, Political, and Organizational Factors on the Implementation of Community Policing: A Conceptual Framework for an Innovative Policy
AL-KHEDAIR, SALEHSummer 1996 (Thai)The Impact of the Budget Deficit on Key Macroeconomic Variables in the Industrial Countries
DAY, SUSANSpring 1996 (Washington)Representative Bureaucracy: Active Representation in a Juvenile Justice Context
CRUISE, PETERSpring 1995 (Clare)Medicaid Incentive Reimbursement Programs in Long-Term Care: An Evaluation of the Florida Medicaid AIDS Nursing Home Admission Program
FULLER, EDWARDFall 1994 (Cooper/Smith)Measured Impact of Federal Government Policies as Determined by Stock Market Capital Values for Selected Industries
MCFARLAND, MIKEFall 1994 (Mendell)A Structural Equations Model of Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction as Its Covariate, and Their Antecedent Variables
NYHAN, RONALDFall 1994 (Martin)The Interrelationships of Organizational Commitment, Trust and Participatory Decision Making Practices in Public Organizations
CAMPBELL, KENNETHSummer 1994 (Lynch)Is Operating Budget Execution Really a Coherent Process?
LONG, DONALDSummer 1994 (Lynch)The Government Finance Officers Association's (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program: Differences Between Successful and Denied Applicants
POPEJOY, MICHAELSummer 1994 (Mendell)The Matthew Effect in Public Administration Research: An Analysis of the Relationship of Institutional Prestige to Research Funding Levels and Departmental Research Productivity at US Schools in Public Administration
SEKWAT, ALEXSpring 1994 (Thai)An Investigation of Capital Budgeting Practices in County Governments in the United States
YOON, YOUNG-CHAISpring 1994 (Clare)Integrated Solid Waste Management: Toward A Recycling Model
GNAGE, DAVID1993 (Thai)Employment Rates and Average Wage of Target Jobs Tax Credit Participants in Florida Compared to Selected Job Training Partnership Act Participants by Target Groups
BRANNON, PAMELAFall 1992 (Clare/Schoenfer)A Policy Implementation Analysis: Nurse Aide Certification in Florida
ROBERTSON, NAOMISummer 1992 (Prosperi)Bridging the Gap Between Development and the Needs of the Economically Disadvantaged: A Case Study of Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida
PARSONS, SHARONFall 1991 (Kooperman)Abortion Policy in the Fifty States: A Comparative Analysis
WATSON, ROBERTFall 1991 (DeGrove)Growth Policy Priorities in Florida Communities
PYNES, JOANSpring 1988 (Bernadin)The Predictive Validity of an Assessment Center for the Selection of Entry-Level Law Enforcement Officers