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Merrett Stierheim Delivers Keynote Address at the 11th Annual Ethics Seminar on November 3, 2017

An expanded version of Mr. Stierheim’s Keynote Address will be published by the FAU Public Ethics Academy in Spring 2018.

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The Public Ethics Academy was first organized by FAU in 2009 to research ethics and provide training for local government agencies. The Academy is located on FAU’s Main Campus in Boca Raton, and with this central location, can offer its services to the University’s entire service area.  The University-based nature of the Academy allows for the rapid incorporation and dissemination of the latest scholarly research on ethics issues by noted faculty for the Academy’s training programs.

The Academy’s objectives are to:

  • increase understanding of local government and how it functions
  • promote high ethical standards in public service
  • provide an informational base for more informed policy making
  • develop the capacity of local officials to govern effectively

Our training programs offer instruction and discussion focusing on seven major areas:

The ethical organization: How to identify, create, and sustain it so that all relationships and transactions reflect a commitment to the highest standards and the Five Principles of Public-Service Ethics

Compliance: What you need to know and teach about government ethics laws and their interpretation and enforcement

Beyond compliance: Perceiving, avoiding, and dealing with costly and damaging accusations of legal or ethical wrongdoing including appearances of impropriety

Working with elected officials: How to deal with and stay above partisan politics and work effectively with elected officials while safeguarding your rights and prerogatives in the implementation of public policy

Conflicts of interests: Assuring that all employees know how to perceive and avoid conflicts of interest

Evaluating character and ethics in hiring and promoting employees: Issues of screening, training, and discipline to enforce high ethical standards

Improving decision-making: Strategies and models to help employees make decisions that are ethical and effective

For more information regarding our services, please contact FAU’s Public Ethics Academy office:

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