Vladimir Neklyaev Lectures on Europe’s Last Dictator

Vladimir Neklyaev, a prisoner of conscience and 2010 Belarus presidential candidate, gave an eyewitness account of the repressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko on April 18th at FAU. A well-known and multi-awarded poet and writer, Neklyaev was harassed, interrogated, and kept under surveillance by the law enforcement agencies of Belarus for his political views. On the election day of December 19, 2010, police officers severely beat him, forcibly abducted him from the intensive care unit where he was being treated, and took him to a KGB detention center, where he was tortured and otherwise ill-treated. He was then convicted and sentenced to two years of house arrest. Amnesty International named him a prisoner of conscience. His lecture was hosted by FAU’s School of Public Administration as well as the Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education and the Peace Studies Program.