Professor Invited to the United Nations

Dr. Ali Farazmand, Professor in the FAU School of Public Administration, has been invited to participate in the United Nations’ Committee of Experts on Public Administration (UN-CEPA) Meetings in New York, April 23-27th.


The Committee is responsible for supporting the work of ECOSOC concerning the promotion and development of public administration and governance among Member States notably in relation to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in support of the implementation and progress reviews of the Sustainable Development Goals.


“This meeting puts Florida Atlantic University on the global map of top institutions that are involved in these efforts,” said Dr. Farazmand.


The goal of the Committee’s time together will be to address and help the United Nations with:

(a) solving current and future global problems by

(b) offering creative ideas and solutions to crises of all sorts around the world;

(c) providing technical and advisory assistance to Member-States on improving governance and public administration; and

(d) preparing draft papers and reports for discussions for dissemination of knowledge and policy advice towards achieving the UN 2030 Strategic Sustainability Goals with issues that include environment, development, crisis management, capacity building, metropolitan sustainability, governance, and public administration.


“I feel highly honored to again be representing FAU in this global institutional body that shoulders an enormous responsibility in tackling a multitude of issues and problems of our world,” Farazmand continued.