Degree Requirements


To earn the Bachelor of Public Management degree, students must complete all of the requirements of the University described in the “Degree Requirements” section of the FAU Undergraduate Catalog. If a grade below a “C” is earned in a PAD-prefix course, the course must be retaken. In addition, the students must meet the specific course requirements.

Required core courses (21 credit hours)
PAD 3003Public Management and Public Administration3
PAD 3104Organizational Behavior and Administrative Communication3
PAD 4223Public Budgeting and Finance3
PAD 4414Public Personnel and Supervisory Practices3
PAD 4604Administrative Process and Ethics *3
PAD 4702Quantitative Inquiry for Public Managers **3
PAD 4704Research Methods for Public Management3

* Requires PAD 3003 as prerequisite
** Requires STA2023 or STA3163 as prerequisites

Public Management Electives (12 credit hours from the courses below)
PAD 4228Public Budgeting Techniques and Processes ***3
PAD 4320Program Evaluation in Public Management3
PAD 4332Managing for Excellence in the Public & Nonprofit Sectors3
PAD 4426Public Sector Labor Relations3
PAD 4806Public Administration in State and Local Government3
PAD 4905Directed Independent Study *3
PAD 4931Special Topics3
PAD 3712Computers in Public Administration3
PAD 4144Introduction to Nonprofit Sector3
PAD 4202Funding for Nonprofit Organizations3
PAD 4203Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations3
PAD 4941Government Internship +3
PAD 4942Nonprofit Internship3

**With Approval of the faculty and director of school.
***Requires PAD 4223 as prerequisite
+Government Internship requirement: Students with significant public sector experience must formally request a waiver of PAD 4941. A student who is granted the waiver is required to take a 3-credit PAD elective in lieu of the exempted PAD 4941 course.

Approved Electives, Upper Division (21 credit hours)

Electives are selected and approved in consultation with an advisor from disciplines such as Architecture, Business, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology, and Urban and Regional Planning. Within limits imposed by College or University policies, credits from this area may be used to satisfy deficiencies in general education requirements.

For any questions regarding the Bachelor of Public Management degree program, please contact Dr. Alka Sapat (Faculty Advisor) at or at 561-297-0443.

For questions about advising, please contact the College Advising Center at 561-297-2316. To make an appointment with your advisor, please log on to the Success Network/Starfish.