Assistant Professor Jeff Huber Awarded the ACSA 2016 Collaborative Practice Award

Funded by the Clinton Global Initiative, the project, “The Absence of Food in Urban Design and Planning” addressed new development that aimed towards enabling the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas to sustain its food budget through a local urban agriculture network. The project team consisted of faculty and students from ecological engineering, agriculture and food law, and food science in addition to architecture. The team collaborated with local nonprofits, the Local Food Code Task Force, FEED Fayetteville, and the Fayetteville Forward Local Food Group to formulate a planning toolkit, develop demonstration projects, and enact enabling land-use reform adopted by the city council in 2014. Food City is an applied research tool in the statewide effort to correct misalignments between food production and consumer access through policy/development reform. Urban farming groups and food banks are now commissioning new food production projects modeled on the plan, including a crowd-funded teaching urban farm.

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