Assistant Professor Wanda Katja Liebermann receives the 2018 Arnold W. Brunner Grant for Architectural Research for her project Right to the River: A Critical Geography of the New River, in Broward County, Florida.

Wanda Katja Liebermann on the Snow-Reed Swing Bridge over the North Fork of the New River, photo credit Jen Hulett

Right to the River: A Critical Geography of the New River explores this changing riverine system and its effects over time on the material, social, and political landscape in Broward County, Florida. The New River, a vast hydrological mechanism designed to control Everglades drainage, flooding, salt water intrusion, and create real estate value, is home to a sprawling landscape of nearly two million people and diverse wildlife. This project combines historical analysis, geographic information system, ethnographic research, and formal analysis to produce critical mappings that intertwine ecology, built environment, and society, to reveal an unseen cultural geography of the river.


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