D6 Studio Annual Savannah Trip 2017

February saw the Design 6 students and their faculty, Professors Deirdre Hardy and Jean Martin Caldieron, make their annual visit to Savannah, Georgia. On the seven-hour bus trip students could observe the changing terrain, from the sub-tropical part of Florida to the northern Florida pine lands, and culminating in Georgia’s beautiful marshes, also known as the Low Country, of which Savannah is the queen city.

Saturday morning, Christian Sottile and Marilyn Armstrong of the Savannah College of Art and Design hosted the FAU contingent at its new national-award-winning museum. Christian, of Sottile and Sotille, the design firm responsible for the museum, explained to the students how designing to five design principles produced a building that harmonizes well with its surroundings. Moshe Safdie’s new Jepson Art Center in Telfair Square was another design lesson in responding to context.

Thanks to Professor Hardy’s intimate knowledge of Savannah’s unique and pedestrian friendly city, students were led to understand how influential urban design can be. They visited two sites with significant level changes, where students conducted careful analysis of the physical, historical, and environmental conditions. For students accustomed to flatness of South Florida’s terrain, this was challenging. In addition, the students explored the ramparts of Fort Pulaski, a pre-civil war fort along the Savannah River. A demonstration of the time-consuming early wool spinning process made students appreciate life in the 21st century!