MSCCJ Professional Development Series

Drs. Gabriel Cesar, Vaughn Crichlow, Lisa Dario, and MSCCJ Program Coordinator Dr. Cassandra Atkin-Plunk hosted the first MSCCJ Professional Development Series event of the semester: “Thrive not Survive: Tips and Tricks for Successfully Navigating Graduate School” on Wednesday, September 25th. Faculty presented on various topics related to how to thrive in graduate school: successful goal-setting, building healthy professional relationships, coauthoring and publication, data collection and management, competition and collaboration with peers, and rejection, criticism, and grit.

The event was open to all CCJ graduate students and graduate assistants. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“I just wanted to say thank you for hosting this event. It was awesome! I’m very happy to be part of a program that cares so much about their students.”

“I thought our Professional Development Seminar was excellent.  All three speakers were thorough and reassuring.”

“I really appreciated what all of you and your colleagues had to say on Wednesday evening.”

“I look forward to more events like this.”

Stay tuned for more events like this one coming your way soon!

Images from the Event: