Research is an important element in the College. Recently the research productivity in CDSI has increased significantly. In 2015-2016 faculty participation in grant submissions doubled. Grant proposals increased 400% from $996,618 to $5,762,380, while grant awards are up five-fold from $152,788 to $940,889.  These grants include the National Institutes for Health, National Science Foundation, and The Nature Conservancy to name a few. Students get opportunities to engage with faculty research allowing them to be active participants in their education.

The College is home to several research and service centers including: the Visual Planning Technology Lab, the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions, the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government, the Institute for Design and Construction, the MetroLAB Collaborative, the Aging Academy and the Child Welfare Institute.

The College also provides research opportunities for students and faculty in coordination with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) which serves as a centralized support office for undergraduate research and inquiry.  It offers university-wide programs such as undergraduate research grants, the annual undergraduate research symposium, and the undergraduate research journal.

Each of the CDSI research initiatives can be viewed at: